One Beat
Iím a bubble in a sound wave
A sonic push for energy
Exploding like the sun
A flash of clean light hope
All you scientists can hold your breath
Shall I decide to show myself? Oh oh

If you think like Thomas Edison
Could you invent a world for me
Now all thatís on the surface
Are bloody arms and oil fields
Could I turn this place upside down
And shake you and your fossils out? Oh oh

Should I come outside and run your cars
Should I run your rockets to the stars
Could you invent a world for me
I need to hear a symphony
If Iím to run the future
Youíve got to let the old world go Oh oh

Your word for me is fusion
But is real change an illusion
Could I turn this place all upside down
And shake you and your fossils out
If Iím to run the future
Youíve got to let the old world go
Could you invent a world for me
I need to hear a symphony Oh oh
Far Away
7:30 am nurse the baby on the couch
then the phone rings
"Turn on the T.V."
watch the world explode in flames
and donít leave the house

And the sky overhead
is silent, waiting
Clear blue holds its breath
And the heart is hit
in a city far away
but it feels so close

Don't breathe the air today
Don't speak of why you're afraid
(Standing here on a one way road
and I fall down,
no other direction for this to go
so we fall down)

And the president hides
while working men rush in
To give their lives
I look to the sky
and ask it not to rain
On my family tonight
If youíre tired of the big so so
Get yourself into some self control
Play the game by putting on the brakes
Slow down and make less mistakes
Nobody lingers like your hands on my heart

Nobody figures like you figured me out
I would be lying if I didn't say to you
No one comes close don't worry you got it!
(There's fire if you want it let me know,
I'm sick and I'm tired of letting go)

The way I feel when you call my name
Makes me go crazy to sane
The way I feel when youíre close to me
Finally not drifting out to sea

Come on now I wish you would
Iím the one who makes you feel good
Never mind those things they say
They donít know it but Iím here to stay
The Remainder
One and one and one is two
All this and more you said was true
And if youíd left me ground to stand on
Iíd run so far away from you
What do you do with a remainder?
You round it up or round it down
And if youíre scared by what youíre left with
Destroy the answer that youíve found

You were the one
When the day had begun
The sun was shining on us
Blinding me such
That I couldnít see
There was a hole beneath me
And then you watched me fall
With no expression at all

There is an absolute zero
But you wonít find it on your own
Only someone else can show you nothing
And leave you with a gaping hole

You were the one
When the storm rolled in
The sky was grey like your heart
With no color at all
I donít know you like this
Youíre as reckless as wind
And I couldnít predict
Just the way this would end
Light-Rail Coyote
Letís meet in the city where
the rivers cross, bridges there
Letís float down into the stream
of Rich and Poor Pioneers
A kid from a western town
wants to be seen, and go out
Letís borrow my parentís car
Letís stay out all night up there
and Burnside will be our street
Where the kids and the hookers meet
Diners and strip club junk
Bookstores and punk rock clubs

Iím as green as this blade
in the grass that bends
in the wind that blows
on the long weekends
where I cross the bridge
to the water fountains
and drink in the hope
that the city brings
(Water, Building and Sin
Big Oregon city draws you in
A promise fulfilled or not
Just hang on until the summer, itís hot)

Weíll make our home water-tight
Work all day, play all night
And hope weíre not washed away
By deceit or tragedy
And Joan of Arc rules Northeast
Where the poor and the hipsters meet
The grid that divides us all
The River makes final call
Out at the edge of town
Where airfield runs water down
Coyote crosses old tracks
And hops on the Light-Rail Max

And if you wanna be a friend of mine
Cross the river to the east side
Find me on the eve of suicide
Tell me the city is no place to hide
Take me out into a sunny day
Through the grotto or the promenade
You came to me in the nick of time
Thankful for the things I left behind

Oh dirty river, come let me in
Step Aside
Will you come knocking on my door?
Pull me pick me off the floor
I might need something to get me going
Feel it one time IT ROLLS dig it
When I feel worn out when I feel beaten
Like a used up shoe or a cake half-eaten
Thereís only one way to keep on feeling
Move it up one time IN TIME dig it

This mama works till her back is sore
But the babyís fed and the tunes are pure
So youíd better get your feet on the floor
Move it up one time TO THE BEAT

These times are troubled these times are rough
Thereís more to come but you canít give up
Why donít you shake a tail for peace and love
Move it up one time FOR LOVE
Knife through the heart of our exploitation
Disassemble our discrimination
When violence rules the world outside
And the headlines make me want to cry
Itís not the time to just keep quiet
Speak up one time TO THE BEAT
Combat Rock
They tell us there are only two sides to be on
If you are on our side youíre right if not youíre wrong
But are we innocent, paragons of good?
Is our guilt erased by the pain that weíve endured?

Hey look it's time to pledge allegiance
Oh god I love my dirty Uncle Sam
Our country's marching to the beat now
And we must learn to step in time

Where is the questioning where is the protest song?
Since when is skepticism un-American?
Dissentís not treason but they talk like itís the same
Those who disagree are afraid to show their face

Let's break out our old machines now
It sure is good to see them run again
Oh gentlemen start your engines
And we know where we get the oil from

Are you feeling alright now
Paint myself all red white blue
Are you singing let's fight now
Innocent people die, uh oh
There are reasons to unite
Is this why we unite?
If you hate this time
Remember we are the time!

Show you love your country go out and spend some cash
Red white blue hot pants doing it for Uncle Sam
Flex our muscles show them weíre stronger than the rest
Raise your hands up baby are you sure that weíre the best?

We'll come out with our fists raised
The good old boys are back on top again
And if we let them lead us blindly
The past becomes the future once again
I wanna run away
I wanna get away
but I will never get up
oh won't you help me up

I rely on oxygen
I depend on bitter snow
I rely on oxygen
I depend on bitter cold

I want to know
why it hurts to stay
and hurts to go away
will I be ok?

Crawled out of the mud
this filth you called your love
slept for countless days
but I will be ok

I didn't know I could feel this low
so afraid that I'll watch you go

Take my strength out
but I'm not down
Write this reverse
I'm not down
Funeral Song
Stay away from the haunted heart
You swore to yourself that youíd make a new start
But you just love the demon with the poison dart

Thereís nothing left to see
Turn out the light

Stay away from the burning house
Once you get inside youíll never get out
We'll die together before the flames go out
Did it burn you baby make you scream and shout?
Build it up just to tear it down
Thereís nothing left but ashes of doubt

Put it in the ground sing a funeral song
Have the neighbors over and theyíll sing along
Lowering the coffin on a love gone wrong
Hey there now what did you bury today?
Buried the hope I wanted to stay
Nothing says Ďforeverí like our very own grave

Thereís nothing left of me
Turn out the light
No one here but me
Turn out the light
She was a very good girl
Did all her homework in school
Always came home with top marks
Teachers said you will go far
So she buried her nose in her books
And she never had time for those looks
For the boys had noticed her frame
Had grown into a figure number eight

She went on to study ivy-league
And to rack up points for her degree
While the other girls fondled their dates
She fooled around with her Bunsen plate
But one night she was walking around
She passed a club with music so loud
She wondered what it would be like
To stay out with a co-ed all night

Call her your Prisstina
Would you put her under glass?
Would you like to study?
ĎCause sheís got such perfect class
Oh, you want to tempt her
With your dirty rock ní roll
Call her your Prisstina
Sheís such a pretty girl

The partyís already started and the musicís drifting in
Donít wait on your fairy godmother sheís late on her way to you
Should you trust that old Prince Charming
You know he never did you any good
But have yourself a ball, Prisstina, do all the things I would!

She will go to the head of the class
And all you boys need to get a late pass
ĎCause sheíll leave those dull lads behind
Yeah that girl is ahead of her time
Hollywood Ending
You stay on Ďtil youíre good and raw
Go back and forth, a little see saw
Praying that this ride will end
But when it does you go again

Canít get that monster
Out of my mind
Sheís got my hair and
Sheís got my eyes
She follows me wherever I go
Speaking for me and
Wearing my clothes

You hang on Ďtil your hands are sore
Blistering but you still want more
You think thereís something here for you
Go out and buy yourself a clue

In Hollywood where all the lights are low
And truthís as rare as the winter snow
She wanted a place arid as her soul
Where her only job was never to grow old

When the lights are shining
Will you see my skin
Or just the shell that
Iím packaged in
Iíve held my tongue
And Iíve hid my sores
If Iím less of myself
Will you love me more
I know I come to you only when in need
Iím not the best believer
not the most deserving
but all I have all I am all I can
For him
Iíd beg you on bended knees for himÖ

Precious baby, is your life hanging by a thread?
A thread Iím standing on, praying on today
All I have all I am all I can
For him
Iíd beg you on bended knees for him

I've got this curse in my hands
All I touch fades to black
Turns to dust turns to sand
I've got this curse on my tongue
All I taste is the rust
This decay in my blood

I donít like the doctor with the deep long face
Only wants to give us the very worst case
Iíd rather shout out and shake him and do anything
For him
Iíd beg you on bended knees for him

When the moment strikes
it takes you by surprise and
leaves you naked in the face of death and life
there is no righteousness in your darkest moment
Weíre all equal in the face of what weíre most afraid of
And Iím so sorry
for those who didnít make it
and for the mommies who are left with their heart breaking

Search for meaning in sores
The sentences they might form
Itís the grammar of skin
Peel it back, let me in
Look for hope in the dark
The shadow cast by your heart
Itís the grammar of faith
No more rules, no restraint

How angry I would be
If youíd taken him away
I wish I was wiser but instead
Iíll be grateful Iíll say thanks
For the joy for the love for the smile on his face
Iíd beg you on bended knees for him