Current Members
Corin Tucker(Vocals/Guitar)
Carrie Brownstein(Guitar/Vocals)
Janet Weiss(Drums/Harmony Vocals)
Past Members
Misty Farrell(Drums)
Toni Gogin(Drums)
Lora McFarlane(Drums)
History of the Band
Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein first met in 1992, when Tucker was in Heavens to Betsey. Brownstein, a classically-trained pianist, was so inspired by Heavens to Betsey and other bands, such as Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, that she formed Excuse 17.

In 1994, Tucker and Brownstein formed Sleater-Kinney (named after a freeway on-ramp near their practice space) as a side band with drummer Misty Farrell and recorded their first 7" release with Villa Villakula Records. Farrell was then replaced by Lora McFarlane, and the band recorded their self-titled 10". This first album was released in 1995 by Chainsaw Records. In 1996, the band released Call the Doctor, also on Chainsaw Records. This record marked the further development of their sound and musical style.

The band soon found it difficult to coordinate performances because McFarlane lived in Australia, so she was replaced by Toni Gogin, who was the drummer during the tour to support Call the Doctor. Gogin was later replaced by Janet Weiss, who was with Sleater-Kinney for the recoding of their next album, Dig Me Out, which was released in 1997 on the Kill Rock Stars label. Since then, Weiss has been the permanent drummer, and the current line-up has since released three other albums: 1999's The Hot Rock, 2000's All Hands on the Bad One, and 2002's One Beat, all on Kill Rock Stars.
Former Bands and Side Projects
Tucker(ex-Heavens to Betsy, Cadallaca, Heartless Martin)
Brownstein(ex-Excuse 17, The Spells, Tommy, The Tentacles)
Weiss(ex-Junior High, Quasi)