Full-length Albums

CHSW12(OLE 267 in Europe) (1995) (Chainsaw Records) Sleater-Kinney CD/10" by Villa Villakula

CHSW13(Europe:OLE 268 ) (1996) (Chainsaw Records) Call the Doctor LP/CD

KRS279 (1997) Dig Me Out LP/CD

KRS321 (1999) The Hot Rock CD/LP

KRS360 (2000) All Hands on the Bad One CD/LP (Vinyl comes with poster "while supplies last")

KRS387 (2002) One Beat CD/LP (First 50,000 copies come with a limited edition single [CD single with CD purchase, 7" for vinyl purchase])

KRS/5RC Compilations

KRS300 Video Fanzine #2 VHS

KRS319 Turbo's Tunes CD

KRS354 Jackson's Jukebox CD

Other Discography

OLE 445 You're No Rock n' Roll Fun CD single (Matador Europe)

OLE 440 All Hands on the Bad One CD/LP (Matador Europe)

OLE 354 Get Up 7"/CD single (Matador Europe)

OLE 352 The Hot Rock LP/CD (Matador Europe)

OLE 351 A Quarter to Three 7"/CD single (Matador Europe)

OLE 326 Little Babies 7"/CD single (Matador Europe)

OLE 321 One More Hour 7"/CD single (Matador Europe)

OLE 269 Dig Me Out LP/CD (Matador Europe)

KRS364 You're No Rock n' Roll Fun 7"

VVK-002 You Ain't It/Surf Song 7" (Villa Villakula)

Other Compilations

CAR-028 - Free To Fight 7" #1 split w/ Cypher in the Snow (Candy-Ass) "Big Big Lights"

MRLR-15 Calling All Kings and Queens compilation CD (Mr. Lady)

Move into the Villa Villakula LP (Villa Villakula)

YOYO10 Yoyo A Gogo '97 (yoyo) "Dance Song '97"

YOYO18 Yoyo A Gogo '99 (yo-yo) "Banned From the End of the World"

All Over Me Soundtrack (TVT) "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone"

Songs for Cassavettes (film by Justin Mitchell)

Does this look familiar? I got it off of KRS' factsheet: I am far too lazy to gather all the information myself. I did contribute the AHOTBO poster info, though.