News and Updates
May 5, 2003 New Interview in the Articles Section
Thanks to Keith Suicide, I was pointed towards a new(ish) interview with Carrie Brownstein. Read it in its original form here or check it out while browsing the articles section of this site.
March 10, 2003 April Tour Dates!

April 2003

1 - Denver, CO @ The Pepsi Center w/ Pearl Jam
3 - Oklahoma City, OK @ The Ford Center w/ Pearl Jam
5 - San Antonio, TX@ The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater w/ Pearl Jam
6 - Houston, TX @ The Cynthia Wood Mitchell Pavilion w/ Pearl Jam
8 - New Orleans, LA @ The New Orleans Arena w/ Pearl Jam
9 - Birmingham, AL @ The Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex w/ Pearl Jam
11-West Palm Beach, FL @ The Coral Sky Amphitheater w/ Pearl Jam
13-Tampa, FL @ The St. Pete Times Forum - w/ Pearl Jam
15- Raleigh, NC @ The Alltel Pavilion Walnut Creek - w/ Pearl Jam
16- Charlotte, NC @ The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater w/ Pearl Jam
18 - Nashville, TN @ AM South Amphitheater w/ Pearl Jam
January 14, 2003 Sleater-Kinney Returns to the United States

January 2003

31 - Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom

February 2003

1 - Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
3 - San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
4 - San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
5 - Sacramento, CA @ Colonial Theater
7- Hollywood, CA @ Henry Fonda Theater
8 - Hollywood, CA @ Henry Fonda Theater
13 - Northampton, MA @ Pearl St.
14 - Providence RI @ Lupo's
15 - New York, NY @ Roseland
17 - Toronto, ONT @ Opera House
19 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
20 - Columbus, OH @ Little Brothers
21 - Cincinnati, OH @ Southgate House
22 - Champaign, IL@ High Dive
23 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
October 9, 2002 Australia and Japan Tour Dates!

October 2002

27 - Baltimore, MD @ Recher Theater
28 - Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw
30 - TV appearance - Late Night with Conan O'Brien

December 2002

06 Auckland - Kings Arms
07 Auckland- Kings Arms
10 Melbourne - Corner Htl
11 Brisbane - The Zoo
13 Sydney - Gaelic Club
14 Meredith Music Festival
17 Osaka - TBA
18 Tokyo - TBA
August 10, 2002 Oldish News, but Exciting Nonetheless
One Beat is now available through mailorder, which beats waiting until August 20th to get the album elsewhere. Go to buyolympia to get it. If you can't wait, go ahead and listen to a live stream of the album here. It didn't work for me, but I am sure that the majority of people won't have problems listening to it. yay.
July 25, 2002 October Dates

October 2002

8 - Minneapolis, MN @ First Ave
9 - Grinnell, IA @ Harris Center
10 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
11 - Chicago, IL @ Metro
12 - Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
14 - Boston, MA @ Roxy
15 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
16 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
19 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
20 - Washington DC @ 9:30 Club
22 - Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
23 - Atlanta, GA @ Variety PLayhouse
24 - Athens, GA @ 40 Watt
July 1, 2002 More Stops Added to the West Coast Tour

July 2002

14 - Seattle, WA @ Capitol Hill Block Party
17 - Portland, OR @ Aladdin Theatre (Rock n Roll Camp for Girls Benefit)
20 - New York, NY @ (Village Voice SIREN festival at Coney Island)

September 2002

11 - Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theatre
13 - Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Ballroom
14 - Austin, TX @ tba
16 - Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
17 - Tempe, AZ @ Nita's Hideaway
18 - San Diego, CA @ The Scene
19 - Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre
20 - Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre
23 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
24 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
27 - Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
28 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox
29 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox
October - Midwest & East Coast
June 23, 2002 More Tour Dates
July 2002
14 - Seattle, WA @ Capitol Hill Block Party
17 - Portland, OR @ Aladdin Theatre (Rock n Roll Camp for Girls Benefit)
20 - New York, NY @ (Village Voice SIREN festival at Coney Island)
June 9, 2002 I Have Not Completely Disappeared. I am Just Slow
From Sleater-Kinney's new album titled "One Beat" will feature 12 songs: One Beat; Faraway; Oh; Remainder; Light Rail Coyote; Step Aside; Combat Rock; O2; Funeral Song; Prisstina; Hollywood Ending; Sympathy. "Prisstina" features guest vocalist STEPHEN TRASK (composer/lyricist of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH) and the song is awesome!
April 6, 2002 East Coast Shows
May 15 (with Belle & Sebastian) @ DAR Constitution Hall, D.C.
May 17 @ Warsaw, Brooklyn
April 4, 2002 Sleater-Kinney in the Studio
From the Kill Rock Stars mailing list:
Sleater-Kinney in the studio! SK just finished up recording their latest and are working on mixing now. 3 songs were recorded in Janet's house! No title yet, but this album is due in August....
March 11, 2002 Show Date
March 2002
16 - Los Angeles, CA @ All Tomorrow's Parties
February 28, 2002 Lyrics
It was pointed out to me that Lora's Song was not up in the lyrics section, and I realized that Slow Song was also missing. It seems like no one has those lyrics, anywhere, or they have very incomplete ones. So I listened and transcribed what I heard. Because I did this, I have to say, I pity you. I have a clinical tendency to misunderstand lyrics.
February 24, 2002 Sleater-Kinney Shows!

March 2002

9 - Bellingham, WA @ WWU a/a
10 - Olympia, WA @ Capitol Theater w/ V for Vendetta 8pm \\$7 a/a to buy tickets online for the Oly show:
11 - Los Angeles, CA @ All Tomorrow's Parties
February 17, 2002 National Public Radio
Janet lists her Top 5 Most Influencial bands in an NPR segment. Her list, and a link to the NPR segment is here.
January 26, 2002 Good News
Read this.
Good Articles
Go to the articles section of the site to find three new articles: artiles on the San Francisco shows from the San Francisco Gate and the San Francisco Chronicle.
January 16, 2002 SK Show
Thanks to my affiliate, I have been able to hear some things about the SK show in San Francisco. Good news #1: It was good show. Good news #2: New songs were played! Excellent news. I had pretty much assumed that they were going to break up or just never release anything again.

Call the Doctor
The Drama You've Been Craving
Dig Me Out
Not What You Want
Words and Guitar
Be Yr Mama
Stay Where You Are
Start Together
End of You
Burn, Don't Freeze! (And some new songs)
One Song For You
Ballad of a Ladyman
Youth Decay
You're No Rock n Roll Fun
January 15, 2002 It all makes sense now
There are not two SK shows on January 15th. That was a mistake on the KRS webpage. Instead, the second "15th" show is on January 16th.
December 6, 2001 SanFran, again?

January 2002

15 - San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
November 30, 2001 Ms. Love
In this NME interview, Courtney mentioned Sleater-Kinney:

"Ask a guy in a band. Sometimes the leaders go do their Jason Pierce thing where the leaders fly first class and the band takes the coach. I'm not that sort of leader and I never will be, but I am the leader. Yes, I like the Sleater-Kinney records, but where do they stand against Oasis? Radiohead? Janet Weiss from SK told me, 'Not everyone wants to be big like you. You're too ambitious - not all of us want world domination". I thought that was valid, but then I was told she comes from a wealthy family, so maybe she has the room to say that."

Most of the interview really has nothing to do with SK, but I thought it was interesting to see them mentioned.
November 27, 2001 Photographic Fun!
There are so many live photos! Go go go go! Check out the photograph section of the site!
November 26, 2001 More Musical Fun
Bratmobile is a very fun band, and Indiedarlings is now affiliated (for lack of a better term) with this very cool site. It's all about eating toothpaste. yum.
November 24, 2001 Another Show Date Added

January 2002

15 - San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
November 20, 2001 Sleater-Kinney Shows!

December 2001

14 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox (21+)
15 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox (all ages)

January 2002

11 - Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
14 - San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall

I got this info from Kill Rock Star's tour page thanks to a little tip. I am slow.
October 17, 2001 Took Some Tests, Then Worked On the Site
I have finally gotten around to working on the site. The discography is up, and there is a new forum that you can go to. ;) I need to finish putting the pictures up, work on audio, and get some more articles on here. Just a few things...
October 11, 2001 Articles
I put up six articles today, and I have at least thirty it may take awhile before they are all available. And I should probably work on the main page.
October 10, 2001 Lyrics
I had a very bad morning. Nevertheless, I got the lyrics to all of Sleater-Kinney's albums up. I also plan on putting some for songs like "By the Time You're Twenty-Five," but I either need to find them online or wait until my CD's come from the US.
October 9, 2001 A Bit of Progress
I finished typing up a brief biography of the band. It isn't very detailed, but all the basic information about Sleater-Kinney is there.
October 8, 2001 The Site Is Still Embryonic
Technically, the site is not really open to the public yet. No one even knows that it exists. But I am working on it, and I have managed to get one article up. What a big accomplishment. More will come.